Wednesday, July 13, 2011

UkuAdventures in Mexico: Canadians, Oysters & Beach Doughnuts!

Dear Blob,
Jessaly has spent the past two days on the Vacation part of our WorkCation. Both days found us in the charmycharm beachtown of La Manzanilla.

Yesterday we joined our new Canadian friends, Rick and Cathy, from Dawson's Creek, BC (Katie Holmes & Dawson instantly came to mind) for an adventure to their favorite beach, Boca de Iguanas. Our taxi driver, Tony, who has 3 daughters and 9 grandchildren, packed us in, our sweaty tankini-clad bodies smooshed against each other for a cozy get-to-know-you ride. Sadly the entrance to Boca De Iguanas was flooded with a crocodile lagoon, complete with a Dangereoso! Crocky Warning! sign, featuring an unfortunate stick-like dog be-jawed in the Boca de Crocky. So we retired to La Manzanilla for a day of swim, Canadian be-accented conversation and Wealthy Mexican-Families-on-Vacation-watching.

The surf of La Manzanilla is perfect; just rowdy enough to be exciting, but not too scary or dangerous. Rick & Cathy, true to their Canadian heritage, downed cold cervezas and showed off an impressive knowledge of good comedy, being Arrested Development Enthusiasts & referencing Faulty Towers.

A Beach Doughnut salesman appeared with a giant basket of tantalizing and seemingly-tasty Beach Doughnuts! Thrillingly, Thessica posed for photos with the favorite sin-snack and purchased 3. It was one of the most disgusting, so-called treats, I've ever bitten into. I had to take 3 bites, just to make sure it was as horrible as I thought at the first bite, I was so shocked at The Beach Doughnut's inferiority. We returned 2 and paid for one, which unfinished, I bagged and urged my companions to try, to experience a Truly Horrible Doughnut. They refused.

We sunned & swam, sometimes in light rain, which was delightfully cinematic, then returned to Barra De Navidad where I recorded a song for my Heart-on-a-Sleeve album, U, which I'm finishing at Casa Azul, in between the sounds of roosters crowing, cicadas squeak-meeping and street vendors hawking gas, water & shrimp.

We concluded our WorkCation Vacation day with a Rick 'n' Cathy visit. They biked over bearing a 12-sack of fresh, hot, crunchysweet churros and a cooler of beer. The beer had been delivered to their home by an 8 year-old on a motorcycle. The 8 yr. old Beer Delivery Kid needed to pick up the empties the following morning, so we were instructed we needed to finish the beer. My weak physiology allowed for 2 beers and 4 Churros. I could have eaten the whole sack, but a quick swing of my upper-arm flab reminded me of restraint.

The Kanucks are remarkable beer drinkers. They showed no signs of intoxication, despite having drunk at least 15 - 20 beers each, throughout the day. Granted, they were half-sized bottles, but still, I was impressed by their fortitude. They said it's the long winters, which is also the reason for their relocation to Barra. Good time PartyMagic with Rick 'n' Cathy!

Today we caught a ride with Heroic Burbank Larry, breakfasted beachside, crocodile-watched and promptly retired to the sand and sea. Get It While You Can! La Manzanilla is a $500 peso roundtrip taxride, so a free trip there was much appreciated.

We ate fresh-caught oysters on the beach, delivered by Elias, the toothless, Mexican Oyster diver, who used to live in Venice Beach; they were extraordinarily delicious; about $1 dollar each. We met an odd rodent-like creature, looked like a mix of a possum and a raccoon, called a FILL-IN-THE-BLANK and We rode from Melaque to Barra in the back of Larry's pickup, true redneck style; it was fantastically fun! No wonder everyone does it around here. Granted, there are highway shrines everywhere, homages to the car-crashed dead, so we will limit our back-of-the-pickup riding to nearby locations, to avoid becoming a shrine.

1. Crocodiles are totally not our Peeps.
2. Crocodiles are totally crinkled.
3. Casa Azul's Magic Garden has Siamese kittens and a giant black iguana-creature who lives in the wall; real iguanas are emerald green and protected by the state. The Black I-Can't-Remember-Their-Scientific-Name iguana-like reptiles are unprotected and hence, eaten by the locals.

Love The Ukulady
ps: There are beach tchotchke salespeople swarming La Manzanilla. I started doing push-ups and sit-ups every time they approached and discovered exercising is a tchotchke-salesperson deterrent!
pps: We saw hilarious Mexican crafts today: animals made of shells with googly-eyes & dead Jesuses in shell dioramas. Etsy has an untapped market here in Mexico!

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Jes said...

That furry critter we saw is a "tejon".