Friday, July 22, 2011

UkuAdventures in Mexico: Flea Free!

PHOTOS: Children's Mural, Barra De Navidad, Jalisco, Mexico

Dear Blob,
It's glorious to sleep in a Flea-Free bed! Jessica has an interesting flea-theory, a creation myth explaining their brief Casa Azul domination:

Carmen & Sally, the most frequent Casa Azulians, have 2 dogs and Conchita Cat, who get regular flea treatment. While the animals live inside, the fleas hop aboard the pets and instantly die from the flea-treated pet-poison. There have been no succulent Inside Pets during Jessaly's stay and the subsequent time from the furry-pet departure to the fleas explosive appearance, seems to be the perfect breeding time for whatever few fleas were left behind. Instead of tasty dog, the fleas were left with tasty un-flea-treated person and partied like rock stars.

Raise Your Glass! May the Fleas be the final drama of the purported It-Comes-In-3's: Flood, Baby OC Debacle, Fleas!

In other news, Jessica wants to invent the Mosquito-Net Burka. Genius. Another wide-open million-dollar market.

Love The Ukulady
ps: I do have an odd mini-rash on my stomach, which reminds me of poison oak, which doesn't seem to grow in Mexico.

pps: While jogging through the barrio, I've noticed many disabled people, retarded, wheelchair-bound, extremely old; it occurred to me that in the US, we like to hide our disabled away from the general population. I admire Mexican's dedication to their family, no matter what the circumstances, however, they go too far, being obsessed with family. Teens start child-bearing around 14 and having 9 - 12 children is still common. When will humans learn to Balance? Be dedicated to family, but be aware of the World and the population problems facing humanity. Is this the fault of the Catholic Church & it's iron fist clutching Latin America?

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