Monday, July 18, 2011

UkuAdventures in Mexico: Tropical pms & El Gato Horrible!

Dear Blob,
Upon further refelection, not only is Conchita lividly seething about Baby OC, but I too am lividly seething. I am outraged at Pushy-Cat-Lady for dropping off her problem at Casa Azul. What kind of person drops off a cat at someone else's house without confirmation it's ok? Not that I agreed to, but who would adopt a cat, sight-unseen? Larry says it's a frequent issue: Mexicans passing their problems onto the Gringos to deal with.

Baby OC has proven to be a horribly kitty and furthered my dislike of cats. After a day at Cuastecomate, a gorgeous, nearby beach, with cynical-Punk-Rocker, Buster, I was more than prepared to bag-up Baby OC and bike her to a rich neighborhood, where no doubt, she'd find a new home. Fueled by Tropical pms, which trust me, is, like everything in the tropics, more dramatic, brighter & pissy-pants/bitchy-boots-inducing, I bobbed in the soothing, warm, aqua waters of Cuastecomate, cursing Pushy-Cat-Lady & scheming a Cat-Disposal plan....

However, upon our return to Casa Azul, Larry asked for a couple days to butter-up Laura for Cat-Ownership, so Baby OC is still with us, constantly mewling like it's pushy-previous-owner, fighting with Conchitsky & spraying disgusting cat-pee-smell. And the feral Siamese kittens are growing bolder, exploring the garden with new-found boldness. It's the opposite of Catastic. The irony grows, considering The Ukulady's side music project with Gabby La La, Kit'n'Tenders....

In other news, the Tropical pms is mixed with revenge of the Montezuma type, so sadly The Ukulady spent Sunday housebound and passed out for almost 20 hours, while Jessica frolicked at the Mexican Water-Park down the road with Larry, Laura, Alejandro & a vat of ceviche.

The good news is it's been 3 weeks without a trace of it, but once again, we confirm, like Charles, Mexico is in Charge.

Love The Ukulady
ps: We got to see a massive Quincenera at Barra's Catholic Church. The Quincenera girl wore a giant purple wedding-cake-like gown and her attendants were all whored-up in 6-inch hooker-heels. Sickly-green Jesus was lit up like a Disneyland icon & the priest squirted holy water at people through a plastic-squeezy-bottle, much like the one I've been using to tame Baby OC. Humans tamed with Holy Water....

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