Tuesday, July 5, 2011

UkuAdventures in Mexico: Fish, Schmooze & Popsicles!

Dear Blob,
It’s been a social couple of days, schmoozing with the Expats, being poured tequila from Tequila and making new friendsies. America Day, as the Canadians call July 4th, found Jessaly in Melaque at 2 birthday parties. Invited & chauffeured by Buster, I ate cake twice, finally swam in the perfect-temperature tropical ocean & shopped at Super Hawaiian, the largest grocery store nearish, which sells my favorite, imported fancy cheese!

It’s confusing to the expats that Thessica works. (The Ukulady's Day Job) Hawaii Carla informed us that Work is a 4-letter word around here. Regardless, I’ve been somewhat productive, cobbling together a routine, which needs to change. My usual work ‘n’ workout in the morning/run errands in the afternoon is not compatible with the climate or the tortilla store, which closes super early, a new discovery.

Today, after working all morning, marketing my Fundraising Campaign for my upcoming new album (Contribute here & get the album for free!), I introduced Jessica to Anusara yoga, practicing via the interweb.

An hour yoga practice in this climate is just about the only thing I can accomplish in the heatyheat day, aside from voraciously reading sociology books about Mexico. Eye on the Prize, I did manage to record harmonies for Flowerweek, as well as mistakenly running errands between 2 – 4, which was unbearably hot, hence the need for change. Work later, errands early…

I’m in love with the Fish Co-op! Interestingly buying groceries here is more expensive than eating out; except for Fish! Fish is ridiculously cheap and outrageously delicious! I purchased a satchel of giant shrimp for $2.50! We will live on Fish, mango limes ‘n’ avocados!

It is thrilling to have the laundress do my laundry for a mere $2.00! I adore Cheap Thrills!

In addition to working, we had our first dinner guest; Drummer Ian popped in for a visit, just in time to enjoy Delicious Fish with us. We met Fernando, the proudly-open neighborhood Meep dealer, who delivers shirtless, via bike. We enjoyed popsicles , running into ItalianSanFrancisco Mike, who invited us to his brother-in-law’s palatial mansion for Smoked Steaks on Sunday!

The day concluded with being reminded I’m on TV Tonight! No need to clarify Mexican or American. Old friends on the East Coast caught iKid with Brad Garrett, and via Facebook said Meeep! Ukulady, you are on TV Tonight!

Love The Ukulady

ps: I wish we could ship OC to the Tea Party HQ.
pps: The temperature returned to Hot today , Calour, as my new amigo, Pedro the tchotchke-salesman corrected me, not Caliente. Which is good for the carpet, bad for perkiness-factor.
pps: I heard Mexicans listening to MJ's Human Nature! Listening to people listening..

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