Thursday, July 28, 2011

UkuAdventures in Mexico: Knocked-Up Barbie & Freelancers

PHOTOS: Knocked-up Barbies, Whore Shoes for People & Dolls

Dear Blob,
Yesterday's outdoor market in Melaque revealed perhaps the most disturbing thing I've seen so far in Mexico: Pregnant Barbie & her Whore-Accessories. It blew my mind.

The sexism and role of females in Mexico has always disturbed me, from my first day in Echo Park, LA, when, browsing the teenage clothing store, I couldn't figure out why everything in my size was far too big; then I realized I was in the Pregnant Teen section. Echo Park's Pregnant Teen store used to have a selection of pornographic tongue rings with slogans like (buckle up), "Cum-Filled" and "Party Girl" next to the Diaper Bags.

Pregnant Barbies come with a removable stomach and were surrounded with cute baskets of pick-your-own-accessories, which included whore-pumps, plastic-furry-go-go boots, cell phones and more; all the things a woman needs.

I've become accustomed here in Mexico, to seeing teen parents. It's the same in LA, although in LA I don't usually see teen dads, which I see a lot here. It's upsetting that Mattel Mexico thinks so little of Mexican girls, urging them to be knocked-up whores. Barbie's purpose was to be a Modern Career Girl. She's s been a pilot, a doctor & the president. No reason she can't be a mother, the hardest job of all, but there's something deeply sexist and misogynistic about selling Knocked-up Whore Barbies to little girls living in a nation where teen-motherhood is the acceptable norm.

In other news, Thessica had a 7 hour beach day in Melaque yesterday, enjoying the calm waves of Chicken Beach, nibbling coconut-honey balls & considering the global phenomenon of networking.

Many travelers and foreigners are cautiously suspicious of locals offering services and hospitality. In America, no one but a hustler would offer a tourist, fresh off the bus, guided tours, a home-cooked meal or a satchel of pot. Certainly there are some hustlers, but the majority of Mexicans are honestly gracious and doing exactly what I do in LA, Networking.

Like LA-ites, most Mexicans are Schmoozers, social busy-bees and many are Connectors, as Malcolm Gladwell writes of in The Tipping Point. Connectors are the peeps who know everyone and can find you a dentist, accountant, great snackery; I'm a Connector.

The locals see potential business opportunities in the gringos, just like I see business opportunities in most people I meet in LA; could be working together for a day, a week or years or sometime in the future. Mexicans are Freelancers, not Hustlers. This is an important Travel Tip! Caution is always good, but Fear is the Dark Side.

Love The Ukulady

ps: Jessica, tipsy on margaritas, made BFF with a little Mexican/American girl yesterday. Callie told us she is 100 years old & friends with mermaids who eat cereal and like juice. She also told us she lives in Hawaii, her dad is bald & her parents have a crush on each other. She was hilarious, adorable and hung out with us all day; we were confused as to the location of her handlers, as she seemed to be alone; it was revealed at some point she was with Mama Mona & her family, the Nanny, perhaps.... I love the atmosphere of trust and safety in Mexico, regarding children. Once again, is it a small-town Mexico thing, or is it cultural?

pps: Pineapple is the King of Fruit with it's Royal Fruit Crown!

ppps: The market has tons of polyester ladies panties for sale, no cotton. Who is designing this stuff? Must be idiots, because polyester and cooters do not go hand-in-hand; tropical heat and the unbreathable polyester must lead to chronic cooter-maladies.

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