Saturday, July 9, 2011

UkuAdventures in Mexico: Snakes 'n' Handmade Snacks!

Dear Blob,
Like Charles, Mexico is in Charge. I made the mistake of jogging again yesterday; only a 30 minute jog, down from my LA hour, but unfortunately, Jogging in Mexico destroys the rest of my day, transforming me into The Withered Sausage. The Sausage is not visually withered, in fact, more swollen and bursting from it's sheath than ever, but withered physiologically. I call it The Burning Man Feeling.

This state begged for a movie night and I watched Y Tu Mama Tambien, one of the only Mexican films to be nominated for an Oscar. It was amazing and everyone should see it. I just finished a book on Mexican sociology, classism & culture, which made the film even better and more interesting.

Exciting News: Jessica bought a bike! Now we have 2! We will sell the bike at the end of our stay, so if any Readers need a bike, meep us up.

We've discovered the handmade, superfresh Churro stand in our Barrio! I've never tasted a more delicious churro. Outrageously crispy, hot, sweet and delicious. The Supermodel of Desserts! The Mother Theresa of Snacks! We hope to show restraint.

Our Barrio is famed for Taqueria Ramos, which makes handmade tortillas with every order. They are so meeping delicious, tender flaps of moistly-thick corny or flour-goodness! Packaged tortillas are like the bastard-redneck stepchild of the Handmade Tortilla. We are totally dating. I haven't eaten a leafy green vegetable since I've been here. I would like to, but I'm not sure it's a possibility.

The evening ended last night with Snake-on-a-Bike! Unlike Snakes on a Plane, there was only 1 and havoc did not ensue, but every time I hear a Jessica squeal, I'm going to know it's a wildlife situation, from now on.

Conchita was seemingly trying to get on the bike; a sucker for cute animals & Animals-Doing-Cute-Things, Jessica went outside to photograph Conchita, when her coo turned into a squeal of alarm. Conchita was not getting on the bike, but batting a long-ass snake, which stretched from a nearby plant onto the bike.

Mexico is in Charge.

Love The Ukulady
ps: We found Crabby hiding in a nooklet and captured him using garden-gloves. After spending the afternoon in a bucket, where he was not the least bit appreciative of our heroic-crab-saving efforts, Jessica returned him the Sea. He's the Luckiest Crab in Mexico!
pps: Crabby is a master tap-dancer, not ballerina. He is totally advanced at the grapevine!

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