Monday, July 11, 2011

UkuAdventures in Mexico: Cooking in Mexico!

Dear Blob,
Thessica is striking an show-offy balance between work, rest and socializing here. We've taken to working during siesta, which is roughly 2 - 5 and socializing in the evenings, mixed with our work-music-residency at Buster's bar. Tonight we entertained Burbank Larry, his galpal, Laura and her perfectly-mannered, adorable 11 year old son, Alejandro. Laura and Alejandro live across the street, in a 2 room concrete house with no stove and the newest neighborhood arrival, a Dryer! I'm sure they will be the envy of the block.

The slogan "Slaving over a Hot Stove" must have been coined in a similar geographical location as Barra de Navidad. Sweat running down my back & pooling in my panty, I cooked fresh Dorado and Linguido, an outrageously tasty sole-like fish, with dill, garlic, lime from the trees and my friend, butter. Accompanying was the Bounty of Mexico: mangoes, avocado, potatoes with queso-fresco & basil from the jardin, fresh tortillas, onion & pepper medley, salsa & of course, a pouchlet of limes for liberal squeezing. Mexicans eat an interesting mix of really fresh, unprocessed foods and total garbage-junk from the Oxxo, Mexican 711.

It's smugly-pleasing to saunter to the neighborhood market, Pelayo, purchase fresh eggs & queso Lupita (which I described to the Cheese Lady as quesadilla cheese) fresh tortillas from the Tortillaria, return home, pluck herbs from the garden and have plenty of Mexican time to whip up breakfast. No phone, no text, no meetings. I love those urban things, but nothing relaxes like a technology-free-ish vacation. The internet doesn't really count. She is a utilitarian tool for creative expression.

In other news, I will have to sugar 'n' dough detox when I return home. I would not recommend embarking on the Atkins or the Fat Flush while in Mexico.

Love The Ukulady
ps: I paid the gas bill at the Oxxo today. Utilities are paid at the Mini-Mart!
pps: We found out the Crabby was probably a land-crab, not a beach-hitchhiker. I wonder how it fared at sea...

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