Sunday, March 11, 2007

Be my Friends, Bush Twins!!

Dear Blog!
I just went to Jenna and Barbara Bush's myspaces!!!! I feel exhilerated and I'm kind of quivering!!
If you girls are reading this, BE MY FRIEND! I'm a great girlfriend! Here's why! I'll amuse you with witty quips! I have great taste in music, art and fashion and I'm on my way to the top of the VoiceOver World! A world everyone wants a piece of! Seriously. You guys will LOVE me.
For everyone else, I looked for Chelsea Clinton's myspace and it doesn't look like she has one. There is a myspace for the president's daughter (hope that doesn't piss you guys off, jenna and Barb! There's room enough for all of you!) but I think it's fake. Meanwhile, I'm going to search for more potential girlfriends, like Britney! And Ashlee! And maybe even Jamie Lyn Spears! Thank god I switched from Friendster to Myspace! Friendster is so yesterday compared to Myspace!
Bush twins, are you guys on Friendster? By the way, do you guys read the New Yorker? There's an interesting article from last week about torture. I really am curious as to what you guys think of it; and I don't mean that as a diss on your dad. Nobody can be responsible for their parent's actions! Also, are you guys interested in philanthropy? Hope you'll be my friend!
Heartsy, The UkuLady

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