Sunday, March 11, 2007

Me and Mork!

Dear Blog,
Last night Mork from Ork warned me against using an unmarked urinal! Literally! It was definitely my greatest celebrity run-in (Listen up, Jenna! You can try and top this!) so far. Here's the scoop, Blog!:
After drinking a celebratory green tea with the fab Don Black, a celebrity in my world, and watching a long and somewhat mediocre comedy show, I found myself in urgent need of needing to pee. The crowd was bustling past the 2 seemingly unmarked restroom doors. Finally one of the doors opened and I rushed towards it. A strangely familiar voice said to me, right in my ear,"I don't think you want to use that one.", and turning, I found myself shockingly, face to face with Robin Williams, who instantly came to my mind as Mork! Mork! I thought, freaking out, shocked, awed, needing to pee! "It's ok, I really need to pee," I said, or something like it and then he responded! We exchanged another round of chit chat! "All right, go ahead if you really want to, "he said - the most famous hilarious person practically on earth, although his film choices as of late have been fairly poor. "Thanks," I said, and walked into a men's single with only a urinal, which I promptly walked out of and said to Mork, "Go ahead, you were right." and then he said, "Thanks." And then, as I was waiting for the sit-down toilette, an older gentleman opened the urnial room door on Mork and Mork yelped, in that totally familiar yelp we've all heard a million times. It was totally SURREAL and thrilling! Here's my list of celeb run-ins I've had that I can recall:
1. Mork! the best, hands down
2. Mrs. Garrett from Facts of Life (in my old agency)
3. Winnie Cooper (really rude and snotty - my vo comp)
4. Today at a vo studio: The middle daughter, after Rudy from the Cosby Show - Tempest Bledsoe? She was kind of cold.
5. Coach Wolf from Strangers with candy - that was thrilling! In the Coffee Bean on larchmont.
6. There are too many minor celebs who look familiar, like I went to high school with them, but then I realize they were just on TV.
It was interesting that all I could think of when I was face to face, practically cheek to cheek with Robin Williams, was Mork!
Love The UkuLady

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