Sunday, March 11, 2007

Weaving the Web of Komedy

Dear Blog,
Some thoughts (not neccessarily all mine - some from the latest Sim sessions):
1. Coifka - a philosopher/hairdresser
2. It's my time to be a prime time mime! Nor is it a crime to be a prime time mime.
3. My friend, Cullen wants to name his future child Spitoon. And I want to name my future child Petunia. If we have a progressive gay/faghag baby, we can name it Spitoonia.
4. Tsars eat tsnacks.
5. Party Robot! Life of the Party!
6. Liars, Fakers and Line-Cutters. Boo.
7. Cuddle me Cookoo!
8. A true fact: Famous Amos (of the cookies) signed Simon & Garfunkle. literally.
9. Mockchovy
10. Podquest! The next craze to sweep the internet.
Love The UkuLady Lerner
PS: Jenna a terrible myspace friend and Brittney is pathetic and fat! That makes me happy. And Ashlee's plastic surgery is horrifying. None of them will be mistaken for the Party Robot, that's for sure!

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