Sunday, March 11, 2007

Jenna Bush isn't showing up :(

Dear Blog,
I'm concerned about my so-called myspace friendship with Jenna Bush, my Myspace friend. I've had 2 ukulele shows since I wrote a song about her and not only did she Not make an appearance, but she didn't even send me an email telling me she couldn't make it. And she hasn't thanked me for writing a song about her - bitch! What the fuck? I give and give and I thought she was a giver, I mean, she is giving to the inner-city school she works in in DC. I was really hoping she'd show up at my Rainbow Room Sunset strip show because it's so famous and she's so famous and famous things like to hang out with each other. I'm just not sure, Blog, when enough is enough? How much more do I have to give to Jenna Bush?
And I'm really sick of her dad's so-called "policies". Do you think she thinks he's an asshole, like the rest of the country. Sorry, Jenna - I didn't mean to use obscenities, but crikey, your dad has borrowed as much money during his term, from foreign investors as all the presidents before him, since Washington, combined, among the lesser of his moral shortcomings and criminal activities. That's a little outlandish, don't you think. Not that outlandish and assholes are the same. I'm not going to give up on you yet, Jenna, but I sure hope you start giving back. Or at least tell your dad he's gonna have the worst karma in his next life already, so trimming back on the outrageous corruption and lies might boost his chances of not returning next life as a gay-bashed, transgendered sex-slave woman dwarf with exzema, acne, leukemia and retarded parents. NO offense to any of those, but I imagine that life would be a difficult one. Hope to see you at my next ukulele show, Jenna! Maybe we can have pizza and makeovers afterwards!
Love The UkuLady

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