Friday, March 23, 2007

Brittany & MILF's!

Dear Blog,
According to the LA Times, Brittany has successfully completed her rehab program at Promises Center in Malibu! Go Brittany! Congratulations! I know how hard it is to complete rehab and get sober! Not personally, of course; in fact, I enjoyed a couple ecstacy trips in the fall and got tippered on sherry and Makers Mark (no rocks) this week. But I've seen how drugs and alcohol and getting tattoos of, to quote the LA Times, "Tiny Lips" on one's wrist, can really destroy a life! So thumbs up! BYTW, are you breast feeding your two babies under the age of 2? Because my fleet of MILF's are having difficulty in weening their little peanuts, and I wondered if you had any hot weening tips for my MILFS?
I've become a person surrounded by MILFS (Mothers I'd ((But not me personally))Like to Fuck). I'm so pleased and proud of all my galpals who have maintained their hottness into motherhood! It's definitely an attainable goal, Brittany and the UkuLady is behind you 100%!
Love TSLerner
PS: The UkuLady admires John & Elizabeth Edwards and has a total crush on Ira Glass!

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