Sunday, March 11, 2007

Inside the Sim Studio!

Dear Blog!
Just like Inside the Actor's Studio, but different, kind of...this is my expensive BFA in Action! Picture our studio...big-ish for a voiceover stude, filled with expensive audio equiptment and odd foley stuff, like corstarch, punching bags and palmolive. red-haired Bill, director, and slim experimental-music Xtopher, our awesome engineer, behind the glass; Stanford senior Jack and I, friggin choreographing interpretive dance and pretending we are Muffers and Ginnsy, theoretically, but also for realsy. Thank god Bill is funny, although admitedly a bit depressed, because if he wasn't funny, our job would be extremely tedious, although fiscally worth it. So we speak in gibberish ALL DAY LONG! Here are the highlights of the day!:
1. Taming the Wind! A new musical! Hit song from Taming the Wind! ..."My Voice is my Soul"!
2. Grapples - a new fruit, apples and grapes, pronounced Grayples!
3. "I put the sensual in consensual..."
4. Locust vs. Low-cost
5. Evil Alive! another new musical
6. Silent Touch! another new musical
7. Loni Anderson Day - a celebration of Loni, where we make a statue of Loni out of Pork.
8. Compliment City vs. Condiment City
9. Rap City, where we use Rap Lube, for those oh-so-dry days.
10. ShoobiQuando - a martial art
11. Smoo Ching, the exchange student
12. Mockchovies, on top of pizza.
13. The Porklipse - kind of like an eclipse, but different.
14. Chip Wibner, newscaster
15. Clam Jim or clam jam.
16. Your laugh cuts like glass...ouchy
NEW BAND NAMES: The Potty Mouths, Pixie Stix, Swizel Stix, Nurse Princess, Mock Rocket.
I love my job, but I feel weird living at the Sofitel Hotel, kind of. I can't decide if I should work out or go eat. Oh, we love talking about HAM PANTS! They are much more comfy than jam pants, which stick to the chair and reveal naked flesh. I think I'm too tired to work out or go eat. Perhaps I'll read the New Yorker and feel smugly superior.
Love The UkuLady Teen Sim

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