Sunday, March 11, 2007

TonTon vs. Wonton

Dear Blog,
Wonton, tonton (creature from star wars whose flesh Luke sliced into with a satisfying blurble of tonton cellulite), bonbon, pon pom. That's what they're called - not pom poms, but pon poms, or pom pons,I can't remember. Picnic, backpack, blackjack, flap-jack, snack-sack, tic-tac, chopstick, matchstick, potsticker, pixiestick, swizelsticks, lipstick, nip-snitch, witch-snitch, sandwich, tip-top snap-shot. Good times.
I hate being in Santa Monica for the day and then driving in traffic on the 10 home to the Eastside and then realizing your friend's art event, that you should attend because it is your turn to attend his/her/event and you really want to anyway, is friggin all the way across town in Santa Monica and you have an audition early in the morning and another car ride across town sounds really difficult. This is when I wish I had a chaffeur. Meanwhile Universe Magic is all around me today! I knew Burning Man magic was around me year 'round. Met my new friend at a commercial audition - it was for musicians and the second I walked into the room, full of blond folk-rock chicks wearing lame high heels and such, our eyes met, zeroed in on each other's ukuleles and fancy uke cases. Turns out, of course, he's friends with all my friends, good ones too, and now we've started a band!. Good Times, thank you magic universe! I'm really into the decemberists this week. they fucking rock!
Love The UkuLady

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