Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Sims & Me!

Dear blog 'n' friends,
I'm writing tonight as a business traveler, from the lobby of the Sofitel hotel in Redwood City, CA, only minutes from the Electronic Arts "campus". Once again, I have been fiscally saved by the sims. I am dressed in jeans, a sweater and children's frog rainboots and am apparently, the only woman in the bar area, where the Sofitel provides free internet access, and to me, a frequent guest, a free glass of wine. Across from me, is a cluster of business travelers, men in button downs, loosening up with liquor after a tough day of business conferences perhaps. I think I look out-of-place and people are wondering what in the world brings me to the Sofitel (rather pricy, paid for by EA) as a business traveler. I spent the day in the recording studio with Jack, my fab teen cohort, saying squibbles and nibbler flanachki and apparently jamocha and flanucci; and fabsy Bill, our ridiculously superbly funny director, and xtopher, our post-modern fab engineer. Today the animations required Jack and I to puke, make out, clean the toilet, chat on a sofa and disturbingly, poop. We resisted the poop animations, citing their probably cutting due to Walmart's family values. Bill concurred. We get to eat in the EA cafeteria and Bill told me the best lie I've ever believed, that he was a deadbeat dad of 2 kids. I was relieved it was a lie/farce. The Sofitel has comfy beds. If Jack and I got residuals, we'd be rich. Damn those cd-rom/interactive game contracts!
snerve teen Sim lerner

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