Sunday, March 25, 2007

Jewhovah's Witness of Echo Park

Dear Blog,
A regular occurence in Echo Park on Sunday mornings, is the fleet of Jehovah's Witness that stalk my street. I live on a one-block street and one would think that the Jay Dub's (phonetic initialsies) would let their peeps know that our house is occupied by 1. English speakers only and 2. Hippie Pagans with Buddist leanings and Jew instincts. Every Sunday, as I sit on my porch drinking imported-from-SF coffee, reading the pape, the cowbell strategically hung on our gate, dongs, and the Ross Dress For Less fancy-outfit-garbed Witnesses lurk in front of our gate debating, in Spanish, if our house holds possible Targets for Conversion; one brave Witness without fail, opens the gate and crankily, I shout from my porch perch, "I'm a Hippie Buddist Jew! And so are the neighbors!" This is a lie, as Carla and Junko are certainly not Jews. Phillipino/PuertoRican=PhilliRican & Japanese American respectively. Honorary Cultural Heebs. I can't believe the Witness don't have a more efficient Conversion-Plan. They should have a phone-tree of sorts, which let's them know who's, not only NOT Down to be converted, but who on the block doesn't speak Spanish. Because they don't speak English. Racism in Action! But it's generally truesies. I mistakenly wrote Jewhovah in the title and I love it. Good times.
Love The UkuLady
PS: I've discovered Firefox and I can't believe I've been living without it. Safari sucks.
PPS: Producer/Engineer/Boy-I-Heart called and fixed my recording equiptsies via phone! Said it was the easiest tech-call he ever fielded, but what would I know since I'm just a girl. He was at the weho (West Hollywood) farmer's market. I love him.

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matt said...

Hippie buddhist Jew. now that is funny. I would get a good laugh out of that if I came to your house.