Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sim Season is here!

Dear Blog!
Finally I'm working for money again! I do so much work all day for the visualized millions I'm manifesting via money shrine, scheming and old-fashioned hard work. Blog, I know Jenna Bush thinks she has the greatest job in the world, giving to the poor children of the 3rd world for a week and then cutting a 6 figure book-deal about her rigorous & heart-hole-piercing experiences; but Blog, speaking in gibberish with my pals all day and then lounging by a fancy-hotel-pool, musing about cameltoe on ukulele and sipping complimentary red-wine in the California sunshine, really surpasses The Giving-of -Jenna-to-the-Poor! Some nibblets from our first Sim Session of the year:
1. Stew Kitty
2. The difficulty of toilet-training Hellen Keller
3. Man Ham
4. Ice Skater, Dorothy Hamster
5. Cat Pork Chops
6. The Great Taste of Shanooky
7. Mopaccinos, a delicious beverage for janitors or adorable moppet-orphans
8.Mr. Whiskerly Mittens, a cat of course.
9. Sims Guatamala! An Expansion Pack coming soon!
Friends and Blog, who are unfamiliar with The Sims:
It is apparently the biggest-selling PC video games of all time and pays my bills. Spring is Sim Expansion Pack season and I get to work with Jack, Bill and Chris! And I get to stay at the Sofitel Hotel, where I am a recognized Business Traveler, so I've been upgraded to a fancy-ass suite several times and plied with free alcohol by the French bar manager, Bertrand. I love my job. Meanwhile, no news of Brittany lately or Lindsey....Perhaps they've discovered Anusara yoga.
Love TSLerner

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