Sunday, March 11, 2007

Chat of the Sims

Dear Blog,
I'm writing you, once again, from the lounge of the Sofitel Hotel in Redwood city. Today during our sims recording sesh we discussed Fruzenglajen. Where is it now?! It's so eighties! Apparently, according to the web, it was sued by Haagen Daaz, and then the brand sold to Kraft, and perhaps Unilever, which I thought was a soap company. Fruzenglajen was so heavily marketed in the eighties. It's hard to believe it's simply vanished off the face of the earth, which apparently, according to the web, it has. Fruzenglajen exists only in memories! Also, my sim partner, Jack, is so young, he's never heard the song, "The Girl is Mine"! Nor has he seen Ab Fab. That is more believable, but to not have experiences Michael and Paul...I'm a Lover Not Fighter is such a classic line, important to mankind. Last week during sims I thought about Goulash vs. Galoshes. Also, I can't stop saying, unconciously, Pork Lodge. Or Jamocha. I talk about the Jamocha Pork Lodge all the time. I can't help it. We also have some great band names, like Self-Rising Flour and HeadLocker. Today at the Sofitel gym I watched Pretty in Pink, while riding the stationary bike. Ducky is so much hotter than Andrew McCarthy, who is named Blaine in the movie, which makes me think of Red, White and Blaine, the pageant in Waiting For Guffman. Molly Ringwald and the cast of P in P are SO YOUNG! I was shocked. I remember watching that movie multiple times as a tweenager and thinking how mature and sexy the cast was. Now I'm old. Way older than Molly Ringwald in P in P. Luckily she's older than me still. Thanks for listening, Blog!
Snerve The UkuLady Lerner

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