Sunday, March 11, 2007

Dreamin' of Brittney!!

Dear Blog,
So before Michael Jackson moved to Bahrain to wear women's Arabic clothing in bathrooms, I used to have a reaccuring dream that we were good friends and I helped him, theraputically. I had a version of this dream about 4 times. Well, I've had the dream again, however, this time I was performing long-form improv with Brittney Spears at a comedy cafe in Topanga Canyon. We were good friends and held hands, but not in a girlfriend way. I'm a little obsessed with Brit. She's preggers again, barf, with Barfderline's baby. Gross. I feel bad for her though; for what is Brit, but a pathetic pawn of her fame-obsessed Mommy! Although she is fatty mcfatwich these days, she's still far prettier than her hideously ugly younger sister, Jamie Lyn Spears, star of crapola nickelodeon live action schlop. So, to quell the rumors, I'm not in an improv troupe with Brittney Spears, although, dreams do come true....Aim high!
Snerve Lerner

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