Sunday, March 11, 2007

Me & my Pharmacist!

Dear Blog,
I feel like I have a strangely intimate relationship with my pharmacist and the young latino teens who work in her pharmacy. I chose the neighborhood non-chain pharmacy when I moved to my neighborhood of Echo Park. I've never seen another white/heebish person in my pharmacy. Every time I go there to pick up my various prescriptions there is a teen working the counter. I suppose it's a good after-school job for the teens, but I feel a little akward receiving my birth control pills from a teen. The kid at the counter today was wearing a backpack and had his bike in the corner. The pharmacists are two ladies, one latina middle-aged, pleasingly plump lady and her partner, the same description, but Asian and not plump, slimmers; anyway, they are awesome, in that they really try to get me my prescription when it's run out and they remember who I am. I'm pleased I took a risk, going with the somewhat grubby pharmacy rather than the glizty Rite Aid or Walgreens. I'm making a fiscal difference in my neighborhood with my Allegra! On a totally different note, is Tom Cruise a robot? I think he's being groomed to be the head of Scientology.
Snerve The UkuLady Squibbles
ps: I'm back home, out of the sofitel hotel and the urge to talk in gibberish is gradually receding.
pps: i had to select a blog heading and I suppose the whole point of talking about me and my pharmacist, is that we are kind of friends. Kind of. Not the kind you invite over for your Frito Pie Birthday party, but the kind that know your name and what legal drugs you're on. Like Cheers. Somewhat comforting.

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