Sunday, March 11, 2007

Home Depot & The American Dream

Dear Blog,
If you want to see the American Dream in Action, look no further than the Home Depot in downtown Los Angeles off Wilshire, east of Alvarado. There, within the confusing mammothity of Home Dept's ridiculously large aisles, plumbing-supply-dazed, yet proud homeowners, mostly of the non-pinky-white-variety, shop for neccessary knick-knacks for their homes! Shopping for dirt today, I felt a strange swelling of pride for all the non-english-as-a-first-language-speaking homeowners who were spending their Sunday, God's day, indulging in the American Dream, being homeowners and dabbling in homeowner activities; which requires a trip to Home Depot for gaskets, gas grills, griddle gadgets....
Outside the Home Depot are the Dreamers/Wanters of the American Dream; the day laborors. I felt hopeful that one day they could join the homeowners inside the Home Depot. I bought a lot of dirt for the re-potting of plants, because I am not a homeowner and cannot afford to put my fancy plants in the ground of my rental craftsman.
Love The UkuLady Lerner
PS: No word from Jenna, even during the holidays! ungrateful slut.

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