Sunday, March 11, 2007

Girlfriend Letter to Jenna and Barbara!!!

What's up Twinsies!?
Jenna, I went to your myspace and I totally respect your need for no mean comments about your family! Who wants to hear some schmuck diss your mom and dad? By the way, "schmuck" means asshole to the jews. I'm a jew, but more jew-ish, than jewish. I hope we can still be friends; not that you guys don't have very many jew friends, I mean, Ari Fleischer? His name sounds prety jewish. By the way, I think the myspace account for your sister, Barbara, is fake. You should tell her to get a myspace. Just because you guys are famous doesn't mean you shouldn't indulge in all the internet fun us "normal" people are having!
Anyway, I was wondering if you do yoga? In yoga today, I wondered that and then I wondered, if you shop at Ross? If you don't, you should totally check it out!! It has totally cute outfits for totally cheap!
Hey, I heard you're working at an inner-city school!! That's totally AWESOME!!!!!!! I love Givers. You're a Giver!!! I've worked with inner-city kids to and they are AWESOME!!!!! So cute!!!!!! It feels good to be a Giver!!! By the way, is there any news from your dad about Jill Carroll, the American journalist kidnapped recently? I hope your dad doesn't let her get killed, because she's pretty cool and definitely a Giver.
I was also wondering what you think of Karenna Gore Schiff and the book tour she's on? Are you jealous because she's a published author? I kind of am.
Come visit LA! I can totally introduce you to cool peeps and maybe you can get your own TV show!! I hope you write back and be my myspace friend!!! Bring Home the Troops!! All the Best, The UkuLady

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