Sunday, March 11, 2007

Small World is LOW BUDGESies!

Dear Blog,
Yesterday I went to Disneyland and had a fab time amidst the kitsch and crowds. The thing that struck most was the ridiculously low-budgetness of the famed Small World ride. It's built like it was made by the prom committee of FlatPoint High - what the fuck? It's like paper mache kids and tin-foil covered stars, attached with pipe cleaners and Elmers glue. You can seriously see cracks and fissures in the CHEAP cut-outs; and the ride is housed in what seems to be the high school gym shoddily transformed. Only the cool animal topiaries outside the ride seem to have been created by professional artists. Yet, there is something so endearingly charming about Small World.
And I suppose this is why the Imagineers and the Disney moguls at the top, the very same ones who decided the principal role in the Disney feature film I booked, beating out Mindy Cohn from "The Facts Of Life", should be filled by, not me, but an African-American man, namely, Samuel L. Jackson, are the ones deciding that It's A Small World's very charm stems from it's shoddy art class 101 features. I ate a turkey leg, which was Atkinsriffic - seems to be the best food available at the park - found in a cart at the roundabout in front of the Castle. I like the tiki room and the jungle ride the best.
Love The UkuLady Lerner
PS: Jenna still hasn't contacted me. She's definitely not invited to my fake-moustache party I'm planning on having in the near future.

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